Vegan Calculator: What’s The Environmental Impact Of Going Vegan?

What’s the real impact of eating meat?

No matter whether you’ve been a vegan a long time or are starting to have an interest in a plant-based diet, the fact is that meat produces a lot of waste. There is a high environmental cost with commercially farmed meat.

So, how much do vegans save? The estimated impact of eating meat every day costs 1 animal life, 1,100 gallons of water, 40 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forest, and 20 lbs CO2. Every day you’re a vegan saves the equivalent.

If you’re wondering how much your environmental impact has lessened since going vegan, use the calculator below.

How much are you saving as a vegan?
Enter how long you’ve been a vegan to calculate your environmental impact
You’ve saved:
1 animals not eaten
1,100 gallons of water
40 lbs of grain
20 lbs of CO2
30 sq.ft of forest

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